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West China College of Basic Medicine and Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University

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Introduction of the University

Sichuan University boasts a rich history and esteemed educational tradition. As a high-level research-oriented comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, it holds the status of being a key university under both "Project 211" and "Project 985", as well as being classified as a Class A university in accordance with the State's "World-class University" construction initiative. With over 120 years of relentless dedication, Sichuan University has emerged as an internationally recognized institution that excels in comprehensive education and cutting-edge research.

Sichuan university has made extensive efforts to establish a cutting-edge scientific research platform, and officially introduced the "three centers and one platform" initiative to facilitate the integration of medicine and industry, including the establishment of the "Industrial Internet Research Center" for new engineering in 2019. This strategic move aims to fully leverage its disciplinary strengths by formulating a comprehensive plan for developing peak disciplines and selecting six key areas for concentrated development. Simultaneously, numerous interdisciplinary centers have been established with a focus on the synergistic forces of "Medical +" and "Information +" to aim to create a multidimensional world-class discipline layout and platform construction.

Sichuan University offers an exceptional platform and opportunity for top-notch talents, particularly those with interdisciplinary expertise, enabling them to engage in profound and substantive interdisciplinary research.

The School Profile

West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine originated from the relevant disciplines of West China Union University, established in 1905 as a comprehensive university modeled from Oxford University.West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine was formed in July 2001 by the merger of the School of Basic Medical Sciences of West China Medical University (founded in 1987) and the School of Forensic Medicine (founded in 1999).

West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicineboasts a gathering of renowned professors.Currently, there arenearly 300faculty and staff members in the school(including double employment and part-time doctoral supervisors).Among them,there are one winner of Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (part-time doctoral supervisor), nearly 30 winners of National high-level talents, one member of Secretary General of Special Medicine Group, Discipline Review Committee of The State Council, one member of Chairman and one member of Secretary-General of the Higher Education Forensic Science Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education,one member of the Basic Medical Teaching Steering Committee,One member of the eighth Discipline evaluation group of Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council, twenty fourexperts who have the rights of enjoying the national governmental subsidies,ThirteenAcademic and Technological leaders of Sichuan Province, eleven Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions of the Sichuan Province,two winners of the Provincial Award for Distinguished Teachers. There are Nearly 80 graduate supervisors (including part-time doctoral supervisors).

West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicinealso has a group of first-level candidates for the National Talent Projects, and a team of teachers with national and provincial outstanding talent titles.

Recruitment Program of Global Experts

1.Research areas

We are currently seeking candidates at all levels.Provisional research areas include but not limited tothe followingareas.


We are recruiting candidates eligible but not limited to following qualifications:

1:Candidates eligible to full-time National Distinguished Experts

2: Excellent faculty members of international research or educational institutes.

3: Young scholars (younger than 35 years old) Who have a doctorate from the top international universities or research institutes.

3.Compensation and research support

1)The treatment of Annual salary for candidates is negotiable based on the talent situation.

2)Candidates will be provided with subsidized housing, medical insurance, child education support.

3)College/university provides office and laboratory spaces with state-of-art facilities, as well as starting-up research funds.


Welcome all outstanding scholars at home and abroad to contact us, and the interested parties are invited to register in our school recruitment system ( and submit their resumes (including learning experience, work experience, scientific research, projects, and awards) along with relevant documents to the college email:

Address: West China School of Basic Medicine & Forensic Science, Sichuan Universtiy

No.17 Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Contacts:Ms. Yue/ Mrs. Sheng