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Department of Histology,Embryology and Neurobiology

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Department of Histology, Embryology and Neurobiology is one of the major departments at West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University. This department is formerly known as Department of Histology and Embryology. Considering the department research focus is mainly related to neurobiology, this department was renamed as Department of Histology, Embryology and Neurobiology in 2001.


The department has been an important education and research center in the field of anatomy in south-western area of China. The department has 12 faculty members, the current director of the department is Prof Xue ZHOU. Now we work confidently and industriously to achieve the goal of making our department first class teaching and research base of China. We conduct courses for the undergraduates and the graduate students of the university, and the experts in continuing education programs.


Our research focuses on neurobiology, especially in the fields of spinal cord injury and repair, neurodegeneration, neuroendocrinology and neuroimmunology. We successively obtained the national natural science project fund, doctoral fund of national education committee, the ministry of education international cooperation fund, etc. Our faculty members published more than 200 research papers, edited and published 14 influential academic monographs. Our research achievements were awarded by Sichuan province or City of Chengdu in 1986, 1996, and 1999.

Our department offers master's degree and doctoral degree programs, and has a postdoctoral research station. Up to now, we totally trained more than 70 master’s degree students and 20 PhD students.

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We sincerely welcome academic leaders under the age of 45 and young talents under the age of 35. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the details of the recruitment. Tel: 028-85501384, or Email: