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Department of Forensic Psychiatry

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Forensic Psychiatry is an inter-discipline of the psychiatry and the law. The Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Sichuan University was founded in 1986 and was the first forensic psychiatric department in China. Our faculty members, such as Professor Xiehe LIU and Professor Zeqing HU, has contributed to draft the Mental Health Law of the People’ Republic of China, and has been playing an important role in the development of forensic psychiatry in China. The department is dedicated to the education, research and evaluation work of forensic psychiatry. We sincerely invite young talents who have the related education background or research experience to join us.


The department of forensic psychiatry is responsible for the teaching work ofForensic Psychiatryto the undergraduates in our university and the forensic experts for continuing education. Faculty members in the department have collaboratively edited the textbookForensic Psychiatry(1stto 4thedition). The department began to supervise graduate students since 1987, and more than 40 graduate students have been trained since then.


The integration of scientific research and forensic evaluation has been a hallmark of the Department of Forensic Psychiatry for more than 30 years. Our research programs mainly focus on the pathophysiological, psychological and environmental bases of violent behavior committed by the mentally ill. We conducted pioneering research on competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, criminal characteristics, violent aggression of mentally ill, as well as adolescent’s delinquency, suicide, substance abuse and police psychology. We have published more than 100 articles in the national and international journals. We have got three awards for scientific and technological advancement of Sichuan Province.

Social Services

The department started its forensic psychiatric services for the society in 1984. Tens of thousands of forensic psychiatric evaluations have been done for the public security bureau, procuratorate and the court. We offer Services of forensic psychiatric evaluation on: (1) criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial of suspects or defendants in criminal cases; (2) competency to serve a sentence; (3) involuntary commitment questions; (4) civil competency; (5) psychiatric injury and disability due to traumatic brain injury; (6) other questions relevant to forensic psychiatry.