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Department of Forensic Genetics

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The Department of Forensic Genetics has 10 faculty members, including 6 professors, 3 associate professors and 1 technician. Some of them earn the titles of Excellent National Teachers, Academic Leaders, and editors of various academic journals. Most of the faculty members are actively conducting teaching, and have short-term or long-term oversea training experience. Our department has obtained multiple teaching or scientific research achievements, our research projects were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China project (including key projects, general projects and projects for young scientists), the “973” preliminary research program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the “863” program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Doctoral Fund program of the Ministry of Education. The faculty members have published more than 200 papers and obtained more than 10 awards from the ministry and province for our works in scientific research and teaching. More than 10 patents have been granted by the state. More than 10 professional books and textbooks were written, or edited, or reviewed, or translated by our staffs. Our department is well-equipped with the instruments for teaching and research purposes.


Our department is responsible for the teaching and training of students at different levels and from different majors. We provide various courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including Forensic Genetics, Forensic Science,Forensic Psychiatry, Development of Forensic Science, Forensic DNA Analysis, and Human Genome Research. We always pay much attention to combining theory with practice in teaching, cultivating students’ critical thinking and hands-on ability. The course of Forensic Genetics was awarded as the good-quality course in 2006 and has been available online since 2013. The Forensic Science course has been openly accessible online since 2016.


The core issues of forensic genetics are personal identification and paternity testing based on genetic marker analysis. The acquisition of DNA from degraded, trace and mixed samples and correct genotyping are the focus of research. The exploration of new genetic markers and new detection techniques, DNA analysis of special cases, DNA identification of victims of disaster accidents, forensic DNA database research, verification of the capabilities of scientific laboratories are also our tasks. Highlighted achievements of our department are in the research field of Y chromosome and mixture analysis through the development of new detection techniques, and in the analysis of frontier areas such as degradation, trace and difficult materials. We follow the idea that scientific progress guides the development of the industry and the society, try to strengthen the combination of scientific research and judicial practice.

Social services

We provide identification services related to forensic genetics.