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Department of Human Anatomy

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The Department of Human Anatomy was founded for decades in our University. All medical undergraduates take our classes to understand human structure. Currently, we have 21 faculty members, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 9 lecturers and 6 technicians. Our department was approved as a master degree authorization discipline in 1978, a doctorate-authorizing discipline in 1986. The Center of Stem Cell Research and Application in our department was recognized as Province Key Laboratory in 2001.


Generally, all medical students start their journey in medical sciences with learningHuman Anatomy. To meet the different requirements of different specialties, we divide our course into corresponding 9 levels. The students learn at least the minimum essential knowledge about human anatomy, which will prepare them for future studies of clinical courses. We have about 2600 m2lab space for students to do dissection and observation. On average, every 6~9 students can dissect one cadaver or observe a specimen. More than 500 sealed specimens are displayed for observation and review. Media mix is applied both in classroom and lab to make full use of teaching resources.

The former and current members of our department have edited different textbooks for human anatomy education. So far, we have edited at least 4 national programmed textbooks as chief editor, and 9 textbooks as editor. Some of these books were awarded by the University or Ministry of Public Health.


Our present research focuses are mainly related to 4 topics. 1) Stem Cell Research and Application, 2) Pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy, 3) Molecular Basis for Tumor Metastasis, 4) Applied Anatomy of Pancreas. Our department has received a number of research grants supported by National Natural Science Foundation, Doctoral Scientific Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, CMB Fund, etc.