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Undergraduate students of our school visited Arizona State University, U.S.A

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Recently, our school’s“Da chuan Global Focus”study abroad program has completed successfully.22 undergraduates from our school visited Arizona State University for a week of exchange study.

Arizona State University, referred as ASU hereafter, is one of fifth largest universities in the United States. ASU was founded in 1885 and is located in the state capital Phoenix. ASU has 18 colleges and 12 schools, with 150 undergraduate programs, 97 master's programs, and 52 doctoral programs. ASU has 606 “National Excellent Scholars”, ranking eighth among all universities in the United States and third among all public universities in the United States.

During their stay at ASU, our students had in-class discussions about some medical topics, such as global health,with ASU teachers and students. They also attended wonderful academic seminars. In extracurricular internship, our students visited the intensive care unit (ICU), ASU Simulation Lab, Anatomic Lab and Forensic Lab, watched vertebral aneurysm resection procedure. They experienced ASU campus life by visiting ASU indoor gymnasium, library, etc. In the spare time, they watched WNBA and cooked lunch with ASU students. In this way, they can deeply compare the similarity and difference between different cultures, especially in how we study, think, and live.Through the visiting program, our students experienced different campus life under the western culture, which broadened their minds, in spired their thoughts, and improved their professional insight to advanced medical science.During their stay in the United States, our students united as a group, treated people with sincerity and politeness, and presented well-prepared reports.The excellence of SCU students impressed ASU teachers and students.

Interesting lectures.ASU arranged high quality academic lectures.Professor Rich Hall taught the course of Health Entrepreneurship, in which he showed how health-related problem in our daily life inspired us to design a corresponding product, how to choose the sales strategy according to the individual customer.Professor Dawna gave an academic talk entitled “Health China 2030: Comparison of Health Care Development between China and the United States”. Based on the related data from China and the US, she intuitively compared the current problems in the health systems in two countries, discussed different solutions, shared her opinions about future directions of the development of global health. Professor Ivy Gerbis gave a wonderful talk about sustainability by analysis of real cases.


Beneficial teaching internship.When our students were visiting ICU,head nurse Ms. Dana introduced families-companionship-based therapy in American hospitals, showing their cultural characteristics of valuing humanistic care and respecting individual religion. They watched vertebral aneurysm resection, which was recorded by 2D real-time camera. During their visit to ASU anatomy laboratory, the teacher introduced the procedureof anatomic specimen preparation; they also had the chance to practice organ dissection. In the digital classroom, our students watched the digital programs for humanorgans and body. They could access all anatomic 2D and 3D images in the programs by electronictouch screen. When visiting ASU’s forensic laboratory, our students conducted on-site investigation in asimulated crime scene with professional forensic tools and reagents.

Wonderful cultural and sports activities.Our students watched the WNBA mercury team’s competition, closely experienced the local competitive culture in the United States. What surprisedthemthe most was that the welcomingword “Welcome Sichuan University”suddenly appeared on the stadium board during the competition.Many tall palm trees and lush cactus decorate the ASU Tempe campus, making its natural landscape very beautiful.Art works such as Latin American sculptures and line eclipsesin the ASU Art Museum allowed our students to appreciate the artistic charm.ASU also taught them western dinning etiquette, enriched their understanding to the American culture.

Our students gave group presentations focusing on the topic of “Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation” in the end of the exchange program. Basically, with the help of ASU volunteers, our students proposed an innovative solutionto a specific topic related to human health.A farewell party was organized by ASU after the presentations. Professor Amy and Tracter made speeches to close the programs. They talked about the happy moments in those days, and sent their invitations to our students for possible future reunion. Finally, our students were awarded with the project certificates.