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Prof. Yiping Hou as the assessor participated the PhD defence of University of Copenhagen through the interne​t

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Prof. Yiping Hou of our school was invitated as a member of the PhD assessment committee of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the regulations of the University of Copenhagen, the assessment committee of each PhD student is composed of three professors, including two professors from the University of Copenhagen and one foreign professor. Prof. Yiping Hou was invited as the assessor of foreign professor.

He was originally scheduled to Copenhagen as the assessor for the defence of the PhD thesis in forensic genetics in this year. Due to the recent worldwidelarge-scale outbreak of the novelcoronavirus, entry and exit between countries have been suspended. The PhD defence was decided to conduct online according to general guidelines for PhD defence proceedings during the period of closure of the University of Copenhagen.

The online video defence of the PhD thesis of the University of Copenhagen was held at 2:00 PM (9 AM Danish Time) on April 1, 2020. The video defence venue was set at the University of Copenhagen. Prof. Yiping Hou participated as the assessor through Ciscowebex video conference system, and in accordance with the defence requirements and review process of the University of Copenhagen, the defence review was successfully completed. The PhD students of our school, Liu Jing and Tao Ruiyang, who are trained in the University of Copenhagen, also participated in this defence through Ciscowebex video conference system. This is the first time that the professor of our school as a member of the assessment committee of the University of Copenhagen participates the PhD defence through the internet. The international cooperation in forensic research and talent cultivation between our university and the University of Copenhagen is further strengthened.

Online PhD defence