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Professor Yang Li from Chongqing University Delivered An Academic Report in Huaxi Campus of SCU

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At 15:30 pm, June 13, 2022, Professor Yang Li, from Chongqing University delivered an academic report named “International Cooperation and Discipline Construction - Taking the Academic Disciplines Innovation Park for the Project of Biomechanics and Repairment engineering as an example”,at the Academic Hall, No. 5 Teaching Building in Huaxi Campus of SCU.

At the beginning, Liu Xiaoheng, the Vice President expressed his gratitude to Professor Yang’s visit and extended a warm welcome. Firstly, Professor Yang introduced the overall construction of the 111 Innovation Park of Chongqing University, and shared the three main research directions of this base:biomechanical mechanism in the repair for soft and hard tissue,biomedical materials and tissue repair, new biomechanical-based technologies for drug and device-design.Next, he gave a comprehensive introduction to the current research strength and discipline development of this base. He shared about how to rely on this base to promote international cooperation, how to build research teams and cultivate talents, how to conduct scientific research with own distinctive characteristics, so as to cultivate innovative talents with an international perspective and lay a solid foundation for scientific research achievements.

Finally, a heated discussion was on between Professor Yang and participants. Professor Yang provided with pertinent suggestions and guidance on the scientific research planning, the prospect forecast of young teachers and PhD graduate in the future. After the report, Liu Xiaoheng, the Vice Presidentof our college summed up the significance of this report, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Professor Yang Li for his presence. Meanwhile, he expressed his earnest hope for strengthening academic exchanges in the southwest region of China.

This report meeting came to a successful conclusion.

Personage introduction:

Yang Li,professor and doctoral supervisor, former dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Chongqing University, director of the Sino-US International Cooperation Lab of Chongqing University, and executive director of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering. He mainly focuses on the research of medical engineering and medical devices, getting remarkable achievements in cell mechanics, the hemorheology theory and applied research. He has successively won National Prize for Natural Sciences for one time,National Award for Science and Technology Progress for 3 times, Military Science and Technology Progress Award for one time, and municipal scientific and technological progress award for 3 time. In 1993, he went to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to make the research on tissue repair and immunology he as a senior visiting scholar. His projects were funded by the Plan Key projects supported by National Science and technology ,and National Natural Science Foundation of China, and he published more than 50 academic papers in internationally renowned journals such as PNAS.