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Haibo LUO

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Haibo Luo, male, M.D., Ph.D., Associate professor, Master supervisor.

The Seventh Period Medical Genetics Committee Member, Sichuan Medical Association.

Ph.D. Party branch secretory, West China School of Basic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (2010-present).

Prof. Luo is mainly engaged in forensic genetics-related research, including X chromosome recombination and forensic application; STR mutation; SNP and insertion/deletion polymorphism and forensic application; identification of forensic body fluid spot, and exploration of complex kinship. Basic study and application are combined during the researches. All researches have very valuable in forensic application. There are 50 published papers, among 36 paper are recruited by SCI. As a person in charge, he undertakes 6 scientific research projects including 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects. He is a class teacher for both Forensic Genetics, national high quality resource sharing class and Forensic Medicine (pressed by the people’s health press), Massive open online course. He is the editor for Experimental Guide for Forensic Genetics, national "Thirteenth Five-Year" planning teaching materials forensic, and Biological Evidence Collection and Test, public security higher education planning teaching materials. He is the translator for Forensic DNA Typing Monograph: Methodology. He drafts one piece of industry standard. And he owns 4 items authorized invention patents.