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Title:Associate Professor, Doctor of Forensic genetics, Master Tutor.


Sep 2009 ~ Sep 2010 The department of Forensic Medicine, Nippon Medical School, Postgraduate training joint doctoral

Oct 2007 ~ Dec 2010 West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University, Doctor of Forensic Genetics

Jul 2005 ~ Jul2007 West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University, Master of Forensic Genetics

Sep 1999 ~ Sep 2004 West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University, Bachelor of Forensic Science

Research Interests

1. The pathogenesis of alcohol related diseases associated with acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency

2. Genetic trait of Tibetan population in China and its forensic application

Research Projects

1. The study on individual differences of central nervous system damage acute alcohol intoxication and its mechanism. Youth fund of national natural science foundation projects. Grand No. 81401557, 2015.1~2017.12, Host

2. The effect of ALDH2 genotype and gender on the behavior and neurotransmitter content in mice with acute alcohol exposure. Open fund of Shanghai key laboratory of forensic medicine. Grand No. KF1909, 2019.4~2021.4, Host

3. Construction of the drug detection platform. Key R&D projects of science and technology department of Sichuan province. Grant No. 2019YFS0066, 2019.1~2021.1, participator

Publication Article

1. Zhang D, Cao G, Xie M, Cui X, Xiao L, Tian C,Ye Y*. Y Chromosomal STR haplotypes in Chinese Uyghur, Kazakh and Hui ethnic groups and genetic features of DYS448 null allele and DYS19 duplicated allele.International journal of legal medicine. 2019.(1 citation)

2.Ye Y#,Gao J#, Fan G, Liao L, Hou Y. Population genetics for 23 Y-STR loci in Tibetan in China and confirmation of DYS448 null allele.Forensic science international Genetics. 2015; 16:e7-e10.(31 citation)

3.Ye Y#,Luo H#, Liao L, Zhang J, Wei W, Wang Z, Hou Y. A case study of SNPSTR efficiency in paternity testing with locus incompatibility.Forensic science international Genetics. 2014; 9:72-5. ( 9 citation )

4.Ye Y, Chen F, Wu H, Lan S, Jiang L, Dai K, et al. The Blood Acetaldehyde Concentration and Its Association of Human Psychomotor Function in ALDH2 Deficiency after Alcohol Consumption.Journal of Forensic Medicine (Chinese). 2019; 35:576-80+85.

5.Ye Y, Chen F, Lu X, Wu H, Lu Q, Shi L, et al. Correlation of Genetic Polymorphism, Alcoholic Beverage Type and Ethanol Metabolism.Journal of Forensic Medicine (Chinese). 2018; 34:142-6. ( 2 citation )

Teaching material

Experimental instruction of forensic toxicological analysis’ (Second edition), Editorial Board Member

Teaching Courses

Undergraduate teaching: ‘Forensic Toxicological Analysis’, ‘Introduction to Forensic Medicine’, ’Forensic Fieldology’, ‘Keep Away from Drugs’, ‘Specialized English’, ‘Forensic Science and Forensic Psychiatry’‘

Overseas teaching: ‘Forensic Science’, ‘Medical Chinese’

Postgraduate teaching: Research Techniques on Human Genome

Committee and Broad Memberships

Vice chairman, Specialized Committee of Organic Mass Spectrometry, Analytical testing institute in Sichuan province