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Zeqing HU

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Name:Zeqing HU

TitleProfessor、Director of department of Forensic psychiatry

Supervisor of graduated student

Education and Word Experiemce

In 1977 passed examination for joined Department of Medicine in Sichuan Medical College, on November in 1982 graduated and worked as teaching post. 1982.12~1988.11 was assistant of forensic psychiatry in West China University of Medical Sciences(WCUMS), and psychiatrical residant of West China Hospital (WCH). 1988.11~1993.12 was Lecturer of forensic psychiatry in WCUMS, and psychiatrical physician-in-charge of WCH. 1993.12~1999.12 was associate professor of forensic psychiatry in WCUMS, and vice director physician of psychiatry WCH. 1999.12 up to now was forensic psychiatry professor in WCUMS(now Sichuan University), and director physician of psychiatry of WCH. During worked, studied the Master and Doctor degrees. Studied at the Mental Health, Law and policy Institute in Simon Fraser University, and at the Forensic Psychiatry Institute in British columbia University, in Canada. Achieved post-doctor certificate. Take part in《the mental health Law draft of the people’s Republic of China》and drew up the first draft.

Research AreasMental health、psychiatry and Law

Research ItemsThe criminal responsibilities;competence to stand trial for patients of mental disorders;

Depression and suicide;

The mental health of police in Sichuan, etc.

PublicationsMore than papers

1. Development of an Expert system for Assessment of Criminal Responsibility Capacity of Mentally Ill offenders. Journal of West China University of Medical sciences .1997;28(3):307~310.

2. Quantity studied on the competemce to stand trial and relational factors for mental disorder patients. Moden Law Science. 1994;5:23~28.

3. An analysis of attempted suicide in major depression and the associated risk factors. Chin J Psychiatry, may 1997, Vol 30, No.2


Teached forensic psychiatry and Legal psychology for many years to students. Directed the assessment practise of more than 30 graduated students. Was the chief editor of《Textbook of forensic psychiatry》on the plan of Health Ministry.


Assessed mental abilities of offenders in forensic psychiaty, and Worked at psychiatry clinic in West China Hospital for Long time.