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Peng LEI

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Peng LEI, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation (2017). He also serves as the deputy chairman of the Cognitive Impairment Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchanges in Healthcare, the standing committee member of the 13th Chengdu Youth Federation, and the editorial board of the international academic journals JAlzDis, JMol Neurosci, Frontiersin neurodegeneration .

He obtained bachelor and doctorate degrees from Tsinghua University and Melbourne University in Australia in 2007 and 2012, respectively. He then engaged in postdoctoral research at the Florey Institute of Neurobiology and Mental Health in Australia, during which he hosted the Australian National Health Institute Research Fund, the Australian Alzheimer's Association Research Fund, and the University of Melbourne Youth Fund. In 2015, he returned to China as a special researcher and doctoral supervisor of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy in Sichuan University.

Since returning to China, he has presided over including major national research project cultivation projects, National Natural Science Foundation general projects, etc. He has published 33 papers and has been cited 670 times. Among them, he has published 16 papers in international academic journals including Nat Med and Mol Psychiatry (2) as the first author / corresponding author in the past 5 years.