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1. The background of the education and job

Chen yao, female, professor, doctoral supervisor. The member of the international lymphatic society. The evaluation expert of international science and technology cooperation program, The assessment expert ministry of education overseas study personnel launch fund, The evaluation expert science and technology department scientific research project. Zhejiang natural science fund assessment expert, Sichuan science and technology project evaluation expert. reviewer. The editorial board of the expert of Chinese journal of lymphology and oncology. editorial committee of the expert of The Chinese journal of modern foreign science.

She received the bachelor's degree in clinical medicine from west china medical university in July 1984, From July 1984 to July 1987, she is the medical oncologist of the affiliated hospital of Guiyang medical college. From september1996 to July 1999, she was Doctoral candidate in basic medicine of west china medical university, research direction: studied on the biological characteristics of lymphangioendothelial cells in human colorectal cancer and obtained a doctor's degree.From September 1999 to November 2001, she was postdoctoral research fellower in life college of Sichuan university engaged in research of genes related to colorectal cancer. From November 2001 to August 2005,she is the associate professor in the basic and forensic medical college of Sichuan From August 2005 to August 2006, supported by the ministry of education scholarship, and the Canadian institutes of health training scholarship funding for research on cancer, she did the research as post-MD and post-phD, visiting scholar in cancer institute at queen's university of Canada, From September 2006 to present, she is the professor of basic and forensic college of west china medical school of sichuan university, The research direction: 1) The malignant tumor molecular diagnosis and targeted therapy 2) The clinical applied anatomy.

2. The acquired achievement

She Bear the national natural science foundation projects, the ministry of education, ministry of personnel, department of sichuan province, chengdu science and technology bureau and horizontal cooperation project, As the first author and corresponding author ,she has published more than 38 articles in SCI and Medline magazines, As the first adult, (the biological characteristics of lymphangioses and blood vessels of human rectal adenocarcinoma) have been awarded the third prize of chengdu scientific and technological achievements in 2003. As the fourth perfect adult,( the biological characteristics of lymphatic endothelium molecular biology and its application research ) won the first prize of the outstanding scientific research achievement of shandong university of higher education issued by shandong provincial education department in 2005. As the chief editor and editorial board, she wrote 13 textbooks.She is the deputy editor for the first edition of The Clinical Application Aanatomy to the graduate and doctor textbook published by the people's health press In March 2015, The research project of "Short hairpin shRNA and its application in the preparation of colorectal cancer drugs" has been patented by China national patent bureau. The patent no. : ZL 2013 1 0044367.9.

3. Cultivation of talents:

In 2013, she supervised the undergraduate who acquired the first class of basic medical skills and design competition of Sichuan province. In 2013,she acquired outstanding tutor of extracurricular science and technology practice of college students in Sichuan university; in 2013."The research on the related genes of human colorectal cancer" was named as the excellent master's thesis of Sichuan province.

4. Contact

Telephone: 13699483778