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Wanyi LI

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Wanyi LI

Ph.D,Professor, Master's Supervisor

Department of Microbiology, West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University

Address:17#, Section 3rd, Renmin Road, South,Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China

Fax number:028-85503204

Professor Li is mainly focusing on the study of pathogenic microbial pathogenesis, anti-infection immunity, vaccine design and infectious microecology. and is in charge of or taking part in the research granted by 6 funds. She has more than 100 papers (above 10 are SCI cited) published. Professor Li has tutored 8 graduates and was awarded as Young Backbone Teachers of Sichuan University、Second Prize of Teaching Achievement of Sichuan University and The Sixth Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching of Sichuan University.

Education and Training

2003/09 - 2008/12,Sichuan University,PhD,Pathogenic biology

1998/09 - 2001/06,SichuanUniversity,MD,Pathogenic biology

1986/08 - 1992/07,West China Medical University,Bachelor,Medicine

Area of interest

Infection of Microbe, Pathogenic Mechanism, Anti-infectious immunity, Vaccine design, Infectious Microecology

Selected Publications

(1)Xinyi Li, Yu Kuang, Xiaojun Huang, Linlin Zou,Wanyi Li*, Yuan Yang* et al. Preparation and characterization of a new monoclonal antibody against CXCR4 using lentivirus vector.International Immunopharmacology.2016, 36: 100–105

(2)Wanyi Li, Yan Feng , Yu Kuang , Wei Zeng , Yuan Yang , Hong Li , Zhonghua Jiang, Mingyuan Li*. Construction of Eukaryotic Expression Vector with mBD1- mBD3 Fusion Genes and Exploring Its Activity against Influenza A Virus.Viruses, 2014, 6:1237-1252

(3)Baoning Wang, Xing Pan, Hongren Wang, Yongjun Zhou, Jie Zhu, Jing Yang,Wanyi Li*.Immunological response of recombinant H. pylori multi-epitope vaccine with different vaccination strategies.Int J ClinExpPathol 2014, 7(10):6559-6566

(4)Baoning Wang, Jing Yang, Suizhong Cao, Hongren Wang,Wanyi Li*,Mingyuan Li*, et,al. Preparation of specific anti-Helicobacter pyloriyolk antibodies and their antibacterial effects.Int J ClinExpPathol 2014, 7(10):6430-6437

(5)Wanyi Li, Xiaofan Yang, Yan Jang, Baoning Wan. Yuan Yang, Zhonghua

Jiang, Mingyuan Li*. Imhibition of influenza A virus replication by RNA inter -ference targeted against thePB1subunit of the RNA polymerase gene.Arch Virol, 2011, 156: 1979-1987.

(6)Yuan Yang, Yu Kung, Yu Liu,Wanyi Li*, Zhonghua Jiang, Liying Xiao, Ming

yuan Li*.Immunogenicity of Multiple-epitope fragment Gene of HCV Carried by novel biodegradable polymers.Comp Immunol, Microb,2011, 34(1): 65-72

(7)Yuan Yang, Yu Kuang , Yu Liu ,Wanyi Li* , Zhonghua Jiang, Liying Xiao, Mingyuan Li∗.Immunogenicity of multiple-epitope antigen gene of HCV carried by novel bio- degradeable polymers.CompImmunol,Microbiol and Infect Dis.doi:10.1016/j.cimid. 2010.02.003

(8)Weidong Zhang,Wanyi Li*,Yan Li, Hong Li, Baoning Wang, Mingyuan Li∗,et al.Immune effects against influenza A virus and a novel DNA vaccine with co-expression of haemagglutinin- and neuraminidase-encoding genes.J of Medical Microbio, 2009, 58, 845-854