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Associate Professor

Department of Physiology

West China School of Basic Medical Sciences & Forensic Medicine,

Sichuan University


No.17 the 3rd section of South People Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

PhoneNumber: 86-28-85503048

Email Adress:

Dr.Chen is an associate professor of physiology at Sichuan University. Dr. Chen’s major research interests lie in the study ofheart regeneration, vascular physiology, ion channel function and pathophysiology.The ongoing research project is to study the effects of nerve and hormone on the heart regenerationand their signaling pathways. Dr.Chenhas been funded by a project grants by National Natural Science Foundation of China andparticipated in several research works of the national natural science funds and doctoral funds of Ministry of education. She has published more than 20 papers. In terms of teaching, she has long been engaged in undergraduate and graduate teaching and has obtained several teaching awards.

Education and Training

Southwest medical University,MD, Medicine,2000

Southwest medical University,MS,Physiology, 2003

Sichuan University,PhD,Medical Neurobiology,2012

University of California, San Francisco, visiting scholar, 2015

Area of Interest

Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Heart Regeneration, Ion Channels

Selected Publications

1. Li H, Chen L, Hou X, Zhou H, Zheng Y. Hydrogen sulfide attenuates hypoxia-induced respiratory suppression in anesthetized adult rats.Respir Physiol Neurobiol.2016; 220:1-9.

2. Li H, Hou X, Ding Y, Nie L, Zhou H, Nie Z, Tang Y, Chen L*, Zheng Y*.Effects of H2S on the central regulation of respirationin adult rats.Neuroreport. 2014;25(6):358-66.

3. Chen L, Zhang J, Ding Y, Li H, Nie L, Zhou H, Tang Y, Zheng Y. Site-specific hydrogen sulfide-mediated central regulation of respiratory rhythm in medullary slices of neonatal rats.Neuroscience. 2013; 233: 118-126.

4. Chen L, Zhang J, Ding Y, Li H, Nie L, Yan X, Zhou H, Zheng Y. KATPchannels of parafacial respiratory group (pFRG) neurons are involved in H2S-mediated central inhibition of respiratory rhythm in medullary slices of neonatal rats.Brain research. 2013; 1527:141-148.

5. Chen L, Zhang J, He Y, Pan J, Zhou H, Li H, Tang Y, Zheng Y. Contribution of BK(Ca) channels of neurons in rostral ventrolateral medulla to CO-mediated central regulation of respiratory rhythm in medullary slices of neonatal rats.Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2012;182(2-3):93-99.

6. Chen L, Li QY, Yang Y, Li ZW, Zeng XR. Inhibitory effects of tetrandrine on the Na+channel of human atrial fibrillation myocardium. Acta PharmacologicaSinica. 2009; 30:166–174.